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Jeep Wrangler

From: $300.00

  •  Included
  •  $500
  •  Violation will be charged at $250.

Pick-Up & Drop-Off Fees

  • $120
  • $45
  • Fort Lauderdale Airport: $120
  • West Palm Beach Airport: $150
  • Guest Address (30 miles from our location): $120
  • 1900 Purdy Avenue Ste 2002 Miami Beach: $0



Carkiz exotic car rental is perfect for those who admire lavish and exotic vehicles. It continues to exist only for individuals who love leisure and luxury to fulfill their needs.  carkiz is your best bet to find the newest and biggest collection of luxury and exotic supercars to rent not only in Miami or Orlando but in the entire US. We provide state of the art supercars and SUVs’ from the biggest car makers such as Lamborghini rentals, Ferrari rentals, McLaren rentals, Rolls Royce rentals, and many others (you can view our entire car collection on our website).

Some cars are just so recognizable. They don’t even bother having a badge on the front. And the Jeep Wrangler rentals is one of them. It’s an iconic sight on the road. It can take you to places other cars can’t reach and transforms into a convertible when the sun comes out. Rent a Jeep Wrangler from mph club exotic car rentals today!

Jeep is an American automotive brand, and the current Jeep lineup portfolio consists only of luxury and off-road SUVs. This vehicle is the great-grandson of the original Willis Jeep, and it has a Legion of fans. One thing those fans do not want is “change.” So it hasn’t changed a lot and has that same boxy shape, the industrial type feel. The flat wheel arches, the grill, the recognizable grille with seven slats along the much-loved round headlamps make it stand out.