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Rolls Royce Dawn

From: $1,400.00

  •  Included
  •  $500
  •  Violation will be charged at $250.

Pick-Up & Drop-Off Fees

  • $120
  • $45
  • Fort Lauderdale Airport: $120
  • West Palm Beach Airport: $150
  • Guest Address (30 miles from our location): $120
  • 1900 Purdy Avenue Ste 2002 Miami Beach: $0



Powerful and seductive! The Rolls Royce Dawn rental from carkiz is gracefully athletic, whether the roof is up or down. The imposing front Pantheon grille, sweeping shoulder line, and slender top conjure up a dynamic picture. Per surface looks as smooth as glass due to the self-adjusting suspension.

The Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible Rental power reserves and torque curve seem to be infinite, thanks to its 6.6 liter V12 twin-turbo motor. It encourages you to lower the roof and fully appreciate the effect of this extraordinary automobile as it smoothly glides around turn after turn.

Rolls Royce Convertible Rental’s intelligent systems provide you with the time and independence to discover the path ahead of you. Active Cruise Control, Adaptive Headlights, and a Head-Up Display are among the innovative driver assistance systems that help to maintain a smooth and safe trip from day to night.

Responsive Cruise Control checks the path ahead for cars using a radar sensor, then sets the cruising speed accordingly. Adaptive Headlights respond to shifting road conditions in low light, while an infrared night vision camera fixed on the grille identifies possible dangers up to 300 meters ahead.

Though the Wraith’s fastback roofline coupe blinds, the Rolls-Royce Dawn Rental offers onlookers a clearer idea of how the other half lives. The Dawn’s top-down fabric lets the sunshine in on one of the most opulent interiors in the luxury car business, with high-end leather, authentic steel, and natural wood trim custom-made to the renter’s precise requirements. When the roof is off, it’s just as dark and relaxed as the Ghost sedan. The Dawn’s 624-horsepower V-12 engine offers fast acceleration, but its suspension is tuned strictly for comfort, so it’s at its peak while cruising.